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CIBA Foundation logos

Per the CIBA Foundation grant application guidelines, recipients must include the CIBA Foundation name and logo in applicable print and digital materials as well as social media. The logo files linked in the right-hand column may be used for that purpose.

The CIBA Foundation logo mark appears in two colors with a tagline in black. The tagline always should appear with the logo mark.

Preferred background color is white, except for a specific use, such as printing on a colored tee shirt. In those instances, the logo should appear in one color, with sufficient contrast to the background. Surround the logo with clear space on all sides, equal to 20% or more of the logo’s width.

The orange is Pantone 166 C (hex #f26522) and the red is Pantone 1797 C (hex #be1e2d).


Recipients or printing vendors with questions may contact Tom McCain.


Files are zipped for direct download. (AI, 243 KB)

High resolution vector file, best choice for offset and screen printing.

CibaFoundationLogo.png (PNG, 43 KB)

Best choice for web, social media, and laser printing.

CibaFoundationLogo.jpg (JPG, 172 KB)

Also suitable for web, social media, and laser printing.

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