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Purpose of the Grant Program

The objectives and purposes for which the CIBA Foundation is organized and for which it will use its resources are as follows: 

  • To inform, educate, advise and promote the general public awareness of the health, recreational, economic, social, cultural and other benefits arising from the use of bicycles and other types of human powered transportation devices. 

  • To inform, educate and advise the general public concerning matters of bicycle safety. 

  • To promote bicycling-related non-profit, charitable and educational purposes as deemed appropriate by its Board of Directors. 

Read our 2020 Summer Letter (PDF, 968 KB) for the latest information about recent grants given.

The CIBA Foundation provides free bicycle helmets for children with volunteers from IU Emergency Medicine and CIBA

Volunteers from the Central Indiana Bicycling Association fit children with helmets donated by the CIBA Foundation.

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