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Grant Application Guidelines

The CIBA Foundation prefers to make grants to organizations that will improve bicycling using the purposes listed on our Grants page as a guideline for funding.

  • Grants are generally for (but not limited to) $500 to $5,000.

  • Grants are primarily given to organizations whose projects and programs benefit the residents of Indiana.

  • Grant proposals for community police bike programs may be accepted for:

    • Start-up police bike programs.

    • Requests must include a dollar-for-dollar match against funds raised from other local community sources.

    • Requests for the cost of bicycles, not parts, accessories or other program-related costs.

Application Process

The CIBA Foundation is now accepting grant applications exclusively utilizing our online grant application form.


Applicants may apply online here:

Please note that the online application must be completed after it is started in order to be accepted by the system.

The CIBA Foundation utilizes Google forms for our grant application. Please make sure you are signed into a Google account to begin the application process.


Submission Deadlines

Grants will be reviewed at one meeting in 2023. Grant requests must be submitted by the following date:

  • February 1, 2023

If the deadline date should fall on a holiday or weekend, the grant deadline will be extended to the next business day.


Questions regarding grants may be submitted to the CIBA Foundation Vice President Karen Bohn.


The Indy Criterium Cycling Festival conducted in downtown Indianapolis every summer includes a Family and Friends Ride.  Short distance at a slow pace. Ideal for beginners.  

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