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Our Mission Statement

We are an Indiana foundation that promotes bicycling for all ages and abilities with an emphasis on safety. 


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    The CIBA Foundation provides grants

         to promote the benefits of safe 

                    cycling in Indiana


     Promoting Bicycling for All 

Nine13sports mobile workshop aka the Kids Building Bikes Trailer in action made possible in part by the CIBA Foundation.


Our Annual Fundraising Campaign is underway

October - December.

Fundraising for the CIBA Foundation is conducted year around.  This is necessary if we are to continue to fund so many worthwhile bicycle related programs and projects.  Please consider giving generously to the CIBA Foundation during this traditional giving period of the year either on-line through our PayPal account or download our fundraising brochure to donate by mail.  As of December 9, we stand at over 100% of our  $15,000 campaign goal.  But we aren't stopping there.  Won't you help us to build our war chest for continuing our mission in 2020 and beyond?  Thank you!

Helmet fitting.jpg
Getting fitted for a free helmet.  An annual event conducted by IU Emergency Medicine with the assistance of the CIBA Foundation.

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The chase is on.  Actually a friendly chase between an IMPD patrolman and one of the many youths served by their inner city mountain bike patrol.  You can tell by the smiles that a good time is being had by all.  The bikes were repaired with parts purchased with funds from the CIBA Foundation, and they are stored in a shipping container also courtesy of the Foundation.  Who won?  We think they are both winners.